Samuel J.
Strong, III

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After a lifetime of hard work, I sought to create a secure financial future. Mentoring at the Jason Sweeting Academy inspired me to pursue leadership and I eventually turned to trading, where I succeeded in developing the revolutionary “The C.A.S.T. Strategy.” This strategy has helped countless students to succeed and I am proud of its success. My passion lies in helping others build their financial legacy, just as I did.

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How can I be of assistance to you?

Drawing on my three decades of blue-collar work experience, I’ve used the Jason Sweeting Academy to hone my skills in management and problem-solving. My innovative strategies have helped me achieve incredible trading results, as evidenced by the success of The C.A.S.T. Strategy. With my expertise and track record as a part/full-time trader, I’m well-positioned to assist you with your goals in the trading world.

What am I proficient at?

I am proficient in various domains that stem from my extensive journey. With over three decades of dedicated service as a blue-collar worker, I’ve honed skills in perseverance, dedication, and hard work. Embracing a leadership role through mentoring at the Jason Sweeting Academy has developed my expertise in management, innovative problem-solving, and effective communication.

My journey into trading and the creation of the revolutionary “The C.A.S.T. Strategy” have showcased my proficiency in strategic thinking, creativity, and achieving remarkable financial outcomes. Serving as a part/full-time trader, I’ve demonstrated my ability to implement trading strategies effectively and achieve tangible results. My track record of accomplishments, combined with my commitment to guiding others, reflects my proficiency in empowering individuals to attain their goals.

“Hi Sam, I just purchased the CAST strategy, and I must say, this course is one of the best and by far the most important at this moment in my trading career. Men, you break it down nicely on the combine. I see this as having multiple jobs in cooperate America where every two weeks, you get a paycheck in your account for $3000 after deducting your 401k, Medicare, SSS, and others. I love love it.”

Clement Opare

“50k to add to my PA portfolio. I did this in 9 straight days, 10th day open/close. Im following The C.A.S.T. Strategy rules, less pressure + more money = PO on top PO. Get this 50k PA to 50% then on to another eval. Thanks, brother Sam!!! #10million”



Judi Pyron

“Hi Mentor Sam! Thank you for your encouragement yesterday! I wanted to let you know I have passed 3 combines this week, and passed 5 combines total for the month! I’m so grateful for all your help with The C.A.S.T. Strategy. Thank you, thank you!! I’m so excited!!”





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