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Hi, I’m Derrick Gilchrist, or ‘DG’ for short. My passion is teaching people how to make smart financial decisions to help them succeed. The pandemic changed my life, and now, with God’s guidance, I’m a successful trader thanks to Jason Sweeting (J the Trader) and the Bond Bully Community. Together, we’re helping others build wealth to live freely and pursue their dreams without worrying about money.

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How can I be of assistance to you?

As your mentor, I’m dedicated to helping you thrive! I aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to become a successful trader. From providing resources to answering questions, I want to ensure you grow confidently, consistently, and profitably. I help people understand how to build good foundations for their trading journey and support them as they grow to become Confident, Consistent, and Profitable traders. J cares, and so do I.

What am I proficient at?

Understanding Levels, Gaps, and Mother Inside Bar Strategies can be a game-changer for those looking to gain an edge in the markets. Often used by experienced traders, these strategies enable them to identify profitable opportunities and maximize returns. While they can be complex to learn at first, with the right guidance and dedication, anyone can become a successful trader with these techniques.

I will introduce you to Levels, Gaps, and Mother Inside Bar Strategies and explain the steps necessary for readers to master each of these strategies. You will understand how successful traders use these strategies to their advantage through a combination of technical analysis, chart patterns, and risk management tips. Furthermore, I will provide you with actionable advice on applying these strategies to your trading practices, allowing you to realize the full potential of your trading strategies.


No matter if you’re just starting out or have been trading for years, our experts and mentors can help you get the most out of your investments and find success in the markets!

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