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In this free course, discover a deep dive into the lucrative world of futures trading with invaluable strategies such as swing highs and lows, stop and limit orders, and a unique entry strategy that puts money-making within reach for everyone.

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Are you ready to take your trading game to the next level? With the Jason Sweeting Trading Academy, you can maximize your potential as a day trader and put your newfound knowledge into practice with live markets. Not only will you gain financial success, but you’ll also help make the world an even better place!

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Cash for the Kingdom

Ready to unlock one of Wall Street’s most profitable strategies? Discover the affordable, easy entry into futures trading with our FREE course.

Understand market swings to make smart trading decisions

Deep dive into futures trading for major rewards

This is your golden ticket to transforming your trading game by getting a solid grasp of the fundamentals and then diving into the more advanced topics. You’ll develop your own trading style, overcome emotional hurdles, and develop an unshakable confidence in your trading decisions
Become A Money Machine

Upgrade your trading and gain the confidence you need to succeed. With step-by-step guidance and proven strategies, you’ll have everything you need to master the markets!

Gain trading knowledge to become a successful trader

Overcome fear, anxiety, and doubt so that you can trade confidently

Are you ready to finally achieve balance in your trading? Trade intelligently, enjoyably, and successfully with the perfect blend of fundamental and technical analysis.
Levels Method Video Course

Are you ready to finally achieve balance in your trading? Trade intelligently, enjoyably, and successfully with the perfect blend of fundamental and technical analysis.

Understand market behavior with fundamental & technical analyses

Enjoy maximum input AND output with our 'set it & forget it' approach

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We have heard thousands of inspiring stories from ordinary individuals who have taken charge of their financial and life futures by becoming successful traders. These ambitious self-starters have faced many challenges and obstacles, yet they have persevered to achieve their desired success.

Our trading mastery programs provide tailored instruction and expert advice to help clients navigate the stock markets, gain confidence in their own skills, and develop effective strategies for trading stocks.

From novice investors to seasoned professionals, We have helped countless individuals find financial freedom by achieving long-term success in the stock market – a testament to our commitment to helping people bring their own unique dreams into reality.


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With this free course, you’ll discover the key benefits of trading futures, develop a profitable trading strategy using swing highs and lows, learn how to navigate your trading platform, use stop orders and limits to control your trades strategically – plus much more!

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